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A dad, a nowist,
a designer

First of all, I’m a dad. I had my two daughters with Amy, my wife, who I met a long time ago in the first few weeks after my arrival in New York for an international college exchange program at the Cooper Union School of Art. Now, my children are my greatest joy. I look at the world around me from the perspective of someone that has a responsibility for our future together.

I am a designer, a humanist, a poetic naturalist, and a now-ist. With full awareness of others, an honesty to the extent of my understandings, and a deep knowledge of what has worked for me, I have the ambition through hard work and the help of others to live up to my personal expectations, one moment at a time, staying mindful and precise in my reasoning at every turn to the best of my ability.

Also, in my creative process or at work, whether it is improving someone’s personal brand, through design and strategy, or other engagements, I aim to create the type of safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that allows them to be their own driving force for change every steps of the way, vs me telling them what to do.